Why isn't docket querying anything?

Hey folks,

I’m not sure I understand why Docket isn’t doing anything. So, I can get to the docket interface, but when I query, it doesn’t do anything. It starts “querying”, but I look at processes/load, and I see nothing going on. I’ve left queries running for over 30 minutes and nothing.

I watch the logs, I see nothing there either. I do the query and it doesn’t conduct any actions, I’ve checked the service files, they are up. I wish I had more details but I don’t even have an error, it says it’s querying, but it just isn’t. I notice that it says “status for undefined” instead of some hash. How do I approach this? Also, I noticed that stenographer didn’t work until I changed the host ip to the actual ip address instead of Have anything to do with it?

The service not starting should be fixed by this commit, still looking into the other one. I had made the changes also and didn’t make any progress but that was several days and changes ago. So this may still need to be fixed. I was unable to pull anything from stenographer with anything other than stenoread at that moment. When I figure out more ill let you know.