RockNSM installation from ISO has broken partitioning

Despite multiple attempts i do not succeed using the rocksnm iso to install on this machine.

I’d like to help to make the installere more accessible and functional.

The real culprit is the partitioning process which never works well from the first try. I cannot simply let rocknsm destroy all partitions on this machine and manual partitioning works just once. If any mistake happens there is need to reboot to continue partitioning.



In order to help a little more, what type of install are you trying to accomplish? Automated or Custom? Each is aimed at a differing audience/use case. As far as the partitions, what are the issues?

An automated install, by design, deletes everything. If there is an issue with manual partitioning can you please elaborate (errors, steps to duplicate)?


So you know. I’m familiar with various Linux distributions and installation processes. Obviously here i use the custom installation option, for which i’m grateful it exists.

The RockNSM installer simply is broken and does not offer a full fledged partitioning menu. What happens is when partitioning is done and it returns to the main menu there is notification of something not being done correctly. It is at that point no longer possible to start the partitioning tool again.

The particular issue i’m facing appears to be /boot/efi not matching the efi partition for some reason or other as it reports it is a requirement to mount the EFI partition under /boot/efi

I hope this clarifies somewhat.