RockNSM 2.1 Nightly VM build


I ended up using the 2.1 nightly build from the slack last night, and it built great on my PC at home. 4 CPU, 4GB of mem is all I could give it originally, and a single 25GB disk, running on VMWare Workstation. Once it built and I tested it, I exported it and brought it to the ESXi servers where it’ll actually be running, but don’t have internet access (thus building it on my desktop).

Updated the config file for 8 cores for bro and 16GB of RAM for elastic stack, then added and mounted a 2TB disk to /data. Once all of that looked good, I went back and ran and everything seemed to work fine until it got to “TASK [Blanket install/update Kibana saved objects]”. It’s been stuck on this task for about half an hour now with no errors or feedback at all. What can I do to get more information about what is causing it to be stuck on this step when it worked fine previously?


Issue was caused by adding additional storage to /data and not rebooting prior to running Restarting elasticsearch and kibana services multiple times seemed to fix the issue, but restarting is the smarter option. Issue closed.