Rock_status monitor interface for tx packets failed


Dear All,

After installing rock from image the deployment looks OK - all components was installed with no errors
after the setup I checked the system with rock_status command and got the following:

ok 1 Check each monitor interface is live
ok 2 Check for interface errors
not ok 3 Check monitor interface for tx packets
# (in test file /usr/local/bin/rock_status, line 53)
# `[ $pkts -eq 0 ]’ failed
# WARNING: Monitor interface enp2s0 has sent 369 packets.
ok 4 Check that broctl is running
ok 5 Check for bro-detected packet loss
ok 6 Check that suricata is running
ok 8 Check that FSF is running
ok 9 Check that zookeeper is running
ok 10 Check that zookeeper is listening
ok 11 Check that client can connect to zookeeper
ok 12 Check that kafka is running
ok 13 Check that kafka is connected to zookeeper
ok 14 Check that logstash is running
ok 15 Check that elasticsearch is running
ok 16 Check that elasticsearch is green
ok 17 Check that kibana is running

I did some checks on the network interface and i didn’t find any error.
Any suggestions?

Best regards,