Rock 2.4.2 and Maps app


I tapped my home network to learn using the Rock@Home youtube series, which was great. No real hiccups other than never getting all the built-in dashboards to load and me having to learn a lot about networking that I didn’t know up front. I’m a visualization person, so I’m going to spend most of my time using this data set to brush up on 7’s many advanced visualization features. Happy to share ideas if others benefit from it. I know that a lot of NSM people out there prefer data tables, so no worries if the answer is no.

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@derickson welcome to the community! The dashboards is something were putting a lot of effort into as we move to full ECS compliance (coming soon!).

I agree that visual analysis is great. The data tables are handy to do quick aggregations, but are best combined with other visuals to really be useful. I’d welcome any magic you can produce in the maps app. I think it has a lot of potential, as long as the data is well enriched with geo info.

We’ve also been doing some work to help improve the Logstash pipeline with regards to geoip that will make it easier for organizations to map their internal IP space. Hope to get that in a blog post soon!

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@dcode what’s a good place for in progress art of the possible screenshots ? here on the community site? github issues brainstorming dashboards and visuals?


I think GitHub Issues on the rock-dashboards repo would be a good place. Then we could tie any commits to them too as we implement the possible, or parts thereof.

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