QueryPCAP Redirecting to Different IP

Hi Everyone,

I have installed latest version ,ROCKNSM, and all the services are running smoothly. But when I query for PCAP from kibana , its redirecting to docket to some unknown IP :
Manually I can open both docket app and kibana with local host IP ( .

How can I change configuration for Query PCAP ?

Please help. Thank you

This is an artifact of the script used to export all the saved objects, index patterns, and configurations.

We’re hoping to release a fix this weekend.

Tracked here: https://github.com/rocknsm/rock-dashboards/issues/62

This is fixed for online and offline installations.

The new ISO hasn’t been cut yet, but when it is, we should be good to go.

Of note, here’s how to fix it manually: https://github.com/rocknsm/rock-dashboards/issues/62#issuecomment-640918804