Point Rock_data_Dir



We found that you can change the location for the rock_data_dir to another location, in the /etc/rocknsm/config.yml file.

Since during the automated installation, out rock_data_dir is pointing to / (root) by default.

We would like to point it to the /home directory, like /home/data/

So, my question is can we update the config.yml file with /home/data and then re-run the deploy_rock.sh script, will this work or not.

Any ideas or help would be great.



Hi @ranger.rkm,

I’ve never done that on a live sensor, but it should work. It won’t cleanup any existing data in /data, but new data should be re-routed.

Alternatively, what I will often do is a bind-mount into /home by doing the following:

# Create the destination dir
sudo mkdir -p /home/data
# Create an fstab entry
echo "/home/data /data none bind 0 0 " | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab
# Bind mount the path
sudo mount /data/

Note that if you try this approach, you should ensure that /data/ is empty first, else you can’t reclaim that space without unmounting the bind.

Good luck and let me know if your approach works for you!