Multi Node Issue


I am attempting to setup RockNSM in multinode, I have follow the directions on the site and also have made the change to the file noted here: but I keep running into the same issues, where it continues to check to see if the cluster is green and uses all 300 attempts and never comes up. No other errors are showing that I can see.

I am testing this within VMWare with 3 nodes all on the same subnet.

My set up will eventually be a little bit different. I have a need for sensors outside of my network and on different network, that push data back to a master node that would receive the data from the sensors and place it into elastic for users to log into and view through Kibana. Connectivity to the remote networks is not an issue. Has any one tried this, or done it successfully?



@gmahns thanks for posting. Incidentally I ran into this same issue yesterday and working on getting the fix pushed up in an update (will be 2.4.2-1905).

As for the setup, I was thinking about this and there’s some architecture decisions that will drive how it all works.

  1. Are the sensors remote (like different data centers)?
  2. Do you have sensors on different isolated networks?
  3. Should users on the remote networks be able to access their data locally or only through the central data store?

The default documentation doesn’t handle the case where you have distinct sensor nodes, but rather having multiple sensors in the same datacenter. That said, it should just be a tweak of the inventory with an additional group for each site. That group can override a couple variables that should make this all work.

Choose your own adventure. Lemme know what that architecture looks like and we can smooth this out. The updated ISO should drop today.


@decode Thanks for your response and glad it wasnt just me!

To answer your question about architecture the sensors are remote on different networks, those report back to the master server where all the data resides.

Users should not be able to access the sensors, only admins for updates and configs. Local users can log in locally here to view the data that is collected.

Thanks for you and everyone else’s work on this project, cant wait to try out the new ISO!