Logstash Unknown server error

Not really sure what’s going on here, but journalctl is spamming the attached log files.

Is kafka and zookeeper started? It has happened in the past where zookeeper will start slower than kafka. If that’s the case, stop them both and start zookeeper and then start kafka.

no joy. the below are the errors i saw after i stopped kafka and zookeeper… i brought zookeeper back up and checked the status and saw the attached. after i brought kafka back up it just want back to pouring the error from the previous post

I’ll get a copy of 2.5 spun up and take a look today. I do have some questions. Single node deploy or multi node? Online or offline? Static or DHCP for management interface? Thanks!

single mode, online, static. Thanks for the time!

I spun up the latest 2.5 iso available from downloads and was not able to repeat the issue in a VM. If you have the time I would like to start from the beginning and make sure we set you up for success. Could I get a look at your etc/rocknsm/config.yml and also hosts.ini in the same folder. Kafka is angry about something but I cant tell what…yet. If you could also post the contents of /etc/kakfa/server.properties so can compare it to what deployed on my machine and make sure that the playbook playbook built it correctly. Thanks!

dropped the files here.
let me know if there is anything else i can provide.