Kafka/Suricata dont start on boot

So we are using rocknsm (sorry not sure how full the implementation is of it currently. But on boot up both kafka and suricata fail to load.
Once logged in we can use the systemctl start service and they both start fine.

I was told that issue with Kafka could be a race condition?
Not sure never really used Kafka much.
Trying to narrow down the causes and wanted to see if anyone had some thoughts. Sorry dont have screen shots, and can get more info in the morning, but just looking for ideas.

@xfaith, the Kafka issue is a race condition. Sometimes Zookeeper isn’t ready before Kafka starts. I created a fix, but it’s not integrated into RockNSM yet.

See https://gist.github.com/dcode/6b728c9910b42c35006cc8295edd6b76

For the .service files, place them where the comment shows in the first line. For the python script, place at /usr/local/sbin/wait-for-zookeeper.py.

For Suricata, I would need to see the log entries after boot before the restart to troubleshoot that. There’s a handful of things that could go wrong, but not they’re not typical.


Awesome thanks.
So for Suricata, not in front of it, and not sure this helps either but

notice its fails on
suricata -c suricata.yaml PCAP default (this statement). location of yaml is not in the right spot in the above just cause I cant remember full path.

So verified the patches were in places, still same issue, must be somewhere else since its both Kafka and Suricata. Ill have to do some digging outside of Rock. Thanks.