Is RockNSM actively maintained?

@koelslaw @dcode what is the current ownership and development landscape of RockNSM ? The last commit to GitHub - rocknsm/rock: Automated deployment scripts for the RockNSM network hunting distribution. was made last year, and it looks like zero GitHub issues have received any response since last July. Is this project actively maintained?

We the community truly appreciate what you have built and understand that developing open-source projects is in no way an implicit pledge to lend that project a given level of support indefinitely. But it would be helpful to see better communication on the current state of the project and the appetite by its maintainers to address bugs and improve the documentation, at the very least.

it is the question we all ask ourselves really

last i heard there was ‘bad weather’ ( dec/jan) and it kind of slowed down community reponses

i’ve started looking for another framework or fork it to rebuild it, to be dependent on a dysfunctional commmunity keeping know how under tabs is the last thing i need