Interested in joining MOCYBER



I am interested in knowing more about collaborating with MOCYBER, possibly even directly working with the group. I was on their website and they stated that they welcome those of us out of uniform that still feel the urgency to serve our nation within us. I went on their contact page but it did not have a clear email or form, and thought maybe I could get details from somebody on this forum since they made the ROCKNSM.
I have been working/training with Intrusion Detection for 2 years now. Recently I got my first official freelancer contracts through upwork doing professional work, specifically on building out Elastic based monitoring. I learned about RockNSM after speaking with Kent Brake at ElastiCon. I currently live in California but do have family in Missouri that I could stay with when meetings would require me to travel. Beyond my contracts I also train students from local community colleges in basic networking and security. I feel that I could be a great asset to the team. I of course will contribute openly on github with everything I work on, but feel I could do even more as a formal member.

Hope somebody can point me in the right direction,

Ivan Ninichuck




The email address is