How to begin with rocknsm

I installed ROCKNSM in oracle virtuel box and I don’t know how to do . I need to do port mirroring in a local network . Please I need all simple steps for a beginner.

You need to explain more of what the port mirroring looks like. Do you mean internal on the virtualbox ? Why do you think you need it ?

Typically you set the listening interfaces to promiscuous mode.

i need to install kibana and the other open source programs that rocknsm need in the virtual box . i need all the steps to begin

Please read Installation - RockNSM

Use the .ISO to install everything

I can only confirm the deployment and installation process seems broken.
Did you by any chance run ‘sudo yum upgrade’ ?

kibana , bro , suricata are not found
how can I install them in rocknsm ?

See my reply here, it is best to only post one question for the same problem