GRE Encapsulation traffic

I need to configure my monitoring interface with an IP to be able to ingest GRE Encapsulated traffic sent from my virtual infrastructure. I went in to the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts directory and modified my secondary interface and gave it an IP, but for some reason it is not staying. I have done this before on other flavors of linux just fine, why is RockNSM not keeping it?


You probably need to add NM_CONTROLLED=no if it’s not in there. Also, you may want to edit /sbin/ifup-local and remove that second interface and reboot. You don’t need to do all that collection tuning if you’re not monitoring at the NIC level. Those are the two things, off the top of my head, that futz with that interface.

I had already done the NM_CONTROLLED=no, but I have not looked at ifup-local…


el_jefe, thanks for the file location. I have been messing around with the contents and just for the sake of it I commented it all out in the file but for some reason it is still not picking up the configuration in my sysconfig network-script file. How do I get it to skip that file and use my ifcfg-ens192 (Monitoring Interface file)…Thanks, much appreciated.