Getting RockNSM Up and Running


FYI - I used Rufus on Windows to write the ISO to a USB stick and it failed the first time. I checked the settings and had it do a dd write of the image instead of an ISO write and it worked ok.

I was confused at first because I kept getting an error after the install options page (Automated/Custom/etc.) that seemed to be related to my USB keyboard (so sorry, can’t remember it - that was a couple of days ago) and then the install would just hang and there were corrupted looking pixels. I did this a few times and determined there must be a problem with my install media so I went back and did the aforementioned dd write with Rufus on Win10. This time I got the same device error, but the install kicked off and all seemed to go normal.

Moral of this story - use the dd write option in Rufus when building USB install media on Windows 10.