Getting Rock on RHEL


Still working the issue, I will hopefully have more information this week.


Update: I was able to get it to generate the config.yml now. The issues i’m having now is when I try to Attached is a screenshot

I am able to ping and my interface has an IP. Do you have any suggestions?


Were there any changes made to the installation `etc/rocknsm/config.yml file?


Try deleting the second line in /usr/share/rock/playbooks/site.yml
should be the line that says “- import_playbook: generate-defaults.yml”

then after that you need to modify the /etc/rocknsm/config.yml
2 changes,
“rock_online_install: True”
“rock_disable_offline_repo: True”

after you set both of those settings try deploying.


@koelslaw no changes where made

@spartan782 I will try this in just a minute


@spartan782 Same Error no changes


Ah, my bad forgot that the damage was already done. Need to delete


then try the deploy.


That doesn’t even exist yet @spartan782

only file in my /etc/yum.repos.d/ is redhat.repo


@spartan782 deploy creates the `RockNSM-local.repo no matter what the config is saying

@Nick sudo mkdir -p /srv/rocknsm/support


@koelslaw thats why I had him delete line 2 in site.yml.

Turns out you have discovered a bug. The ansible script doesn’t create the directory as @koelslaw has already beaten me to the bandaid.


That worked… kinda… new error


It is because RHEL appears to be inserting “7Server” when it should just be "base/7/x86_64. Haven’t run into this before but maybe try this and see what happens?

Gonna have to manually edit a file in /etc/yum.repos.d/

where it says release=$releasever change it to release=7

Should note you will need to change each time that appears


I edited that file and ran When I run the script it reverts it back to before I made the change


grr… ok that means we need to comment out that task in the ansible playbook. I will also open an issue for that, if the files exist RockNSM shouldn’t be modifying them.

edit /usr/share/rock/roles/common/tasks/configure.yml

Comment out lines 194 - 206


It says it installed correctly but now there is this issue:

Apparently none of the services installed?

*** Note the Config.yml is the default one with everything set to true


Can you provide the output of
sudo yum repolist



you may need to clean the repo’s. Looks like they are still messed up.

Try cleaning the repo’s
sudo yum clean all
sudo makecache fast

Then try to manually install something to see if its working
sudo yum install zookeeper


@spartan782 I was able to install zookeeper manually


The Screenshot is after I manually installed Zookeeper and Bro. It says they are disabled in systemctl but enabled by rock. Also at the bottom when I do ls /data there is nothing there.