Dynamic IP was added to hosts file automatically



I have a question about how RockNSM functions in relation to the /etc/hosts file. I had my VM running on DHCP, but some how the original IP given to my sensor got added to the /etc/hosts name. This caused a break down of the Kafka-Logstash pipeline when the VM was placed in a different network environment, as the IP was dyanmic and thus different. I know for a fact that I did not alter the file, and I am the only one with access. Is this a feature of either RockNSM or Centos 7 that I am unaware of. Or perhaps something Virtualbox did that I am unaware of and just never noticed before. Any advice or illumination on the topic is highly appreciated.


The entries are added to the etc/hosts file during rock deployment. In a few of the deployments I have done, I have removed the entries from the file and used DNS or hardcoded ip entries in the config files.