Dashboard broken after install

For some reason or other i end up with RockNSM displaying ‘Error’ everywhere there should be a graph. This despite multiple reinstallation attempts where i also format all volumes again.

JSON parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

As user @kvv5150 pointed out these are likely originating from proxy errors. I do indeed see the error.log for lighttpd only fill when i reload a dashboard.

In a similar case i simply downgraded Kibana back to 7.10.x and locked the version, in addition i also imported the dashboards again. This time this does not work.

Personally i find it discouraging to run into such issues time and time again. It is as if RockNSM is kept deliberately disfunctional out of the box. I’d love to spend more time on getting to know the internals but sadly lack the time to troubleshoot each and every installation.