Changed management IP broke everything

my previous post eventually resulted into finding the change of the management IP to a different subnet caused none of these changes to alter all required configuration in rocknsm

using “rock tui” i had changed the management ip to a new IP required, wrote the config then chose to install again, to no avail

is this at all possible ?

the main remaining issue are the cert for stenographer not being regenerated

** edit ** i can confirm manually changing the management IP resolved most if not all issues except finding out how to regenerate the certificates for steganographer to work for the new management ip

** edit ** running the deploy scripts again (rock tui) did not remediate this as this is what was done on initial changes

The easiest way is to run the deploy script again. The only thing that reads the config file the ROCK TUI creates is the deployment playbooks.

running the deployment again broke more, i’m running the most recent stable, but it seems pre production ?