CentOS 7.4 updates


This was a placeholder topic for CentOS/RHEL before re-organizing. Keeping topic to preserve discussion.


I’m in the process of standing up a lab system with RockNSM. Originally installed from the RockNSM ISO but have since updated the system. Currently its at CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core) and a few different things seem to be broken (yara package dependency, ansible jinja2 error, rock_status shows all kinds of issues).

Was it a bad idea to yum update to 7.4?


Steven, in general no. We want users to be able to update their operating systems to stay secure.

We’re working on the next RockNSM release, which will be 2.1. This has some updated packages and deployment scripts. The yara dependency is definitely one of the things fixed. If you want to check out the current snapshot in your lab, you can download it here.

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